Well I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. Something that my “Body by Books” tag is missing is a book club. I am mostly writing this down so I will go ahead and do it. It might be 35 seconds from now or tomorrow but it will get done. In this book club I will discuss the current book I am on and also will invite people who want to suggest and talk about books go ahead and do so. It will also be easier for me to see what kinds of drawn book reviews I can manage (after I find/get a new stylus) but all in all I think it might be practical to start it as I know lots of readers out there who are very interested in the books that I have been reading including the ones that specifically are about weight loss and overall health. Luckily I really want to talk about them and I can spread the word via social media. It will likely be a small facebook group that will be mostly there to amp people up for more book reviews and such. If I have invited you please feel free to huck ideas for books to read or reread my way. I am always up for reading something again in the case I missed something the first time. This time around I am not getting ready for work, but cooking 3 pounds of ground turkey to food prep for the next few days. Maybe once I can afford a more premium website more than three people will see this.

Thanks for Playing