Kasey Gibbs: Head writer and artist.

Schwartz and Merc Series:

Manga Series: This is a satire of manga and anime.  I do like these mediums and have been a consumer for years.

Video Game Verse: The characters Schwartz and Merc go to multiple video game like universes and their friends go along for the ride.

Social media:

The links to my Twitter and Facebook accounts are on the Contact page and at the bottom of the website. Feel free to message me any time you want. Just no spam please.


I back a few things on kickstarter.com. I own many products that were funded because of kickstarter, even ones where I was not part of the initial ‘kick’. I like being available to help out indie companies make the thing that gives them good feels. I don’t back just anything, so again, please no spam.

My review system for books, movies and games from best to worst:

Most Excellent(extra credit)




Dude (This is between the good and bad spots because, “I don’t hate it but, dude, you could do better”)

Non Triumphant



Most Heinous(negative extra credit)