As I write this I am reading yet another book on how diet affects the delicate human system. Its become increasingly obvious that I have started too far down the line when it comes to trying to convince people that they need to eat better. The food they stuff in their masticators really is the most important thing when it comes to sufficiently fueling their meat robot.

This machine you pilot has a very intricate system that needs your attention. There is something you care about that you can give people all sorts of information about because you read up on it. Some people like cars and can tell you what kind of oil to use, how many miles to the gallon it gets, the original designer and all sorts of spectacular information. Well, my thing is bio-hacking. In my experience and knowledge hunting I’ve found there is literally nothing more important to us than ourselves and the people around us.

I’m sure there are edge cases where people really don’t give a shit about themselves and other humans. The thing is, I really have been pushing myself to help myself and everyone around me. I realized I need a team, a real team to help with this endeavor. But before I go about recruiting people, I gotta assemble myself. I have already been working on my own body for long enough to know that there is a key thing I have been missing out on, gut health.

I have been eating better and that is for sure, but there is a bit more I can work on to push myself to the next level. Your body IS a team, and the constitution of your team starts with the gut. That motherfucker can bring the whole team up or down. The microbiome in your stomach is its own individual team that’s working hard every hour of every damned day. I’ve decided to start really looking at how I can improve my microbiome to improve overall health. They say your gut is your second brain, so lets call it brain number two, or simply put just the “shit brain”.

You need to keep your shit brain in order or it will fuck you up. Think about it this way, it will either make you THE SHIT or just TAKE A SHIT ON YOU. Honestly I don’t care, I just want to make sure you understand that food is no joke and you can take it from there.

The things I am going to start working on specifically for the colony of shit eaters residing inside me are as follows; try to switch to low sugar red wine, eat more probiotic foods like sauerkraut and yogurt, take a supplement and get good sleep. In order to do all of this there will have to be non drastic changes to what I am currently doing, which is good.

Before I take the plunge on going to Dry Farm Wines to get their fancy bottles I am doing the research myself to find wines that are better for me overall. I have found a specific brand called FitVine which has yielded a Pinot Noir that has no sugar added leaving it at 3.7 carbs per serving. I will see how a glass or two a night fares for the moment. This will be taking place of the one or two glasses of whiskey I normally drink per night.

After I go out tonight I will also be looking at the nearest grocery store to see what kinds of fermented foods I can locate. I am sure sauerkraut will be an easy find but yogurt without added sugar may be difficult.

I need to get a good supplement which will likely happen in the next couple of days or so. I don’t want to waste my time with stuff that isn’t really going to help me so I will likely be paying out the ass for it. I know once the biome is established and healthy its just a matter of eating better consistently and not screwing it up so I will give my report on my findings as I go.

You gotta get good sleep. I would say that is the number one thing you can do for yourself but there are so many goddamned factors in getting good sleep that it feels like a chicken and egg scenario. I am currently taking supplements that are good for getting a nights rest and they work pretty good. They don’t knock me out but I also don’t wake up with a supplement hangover the next day.

So to recap; I plan to take myself a step further in the health game by switching the alcohol I regularly consume, eating more purposefully rotten food, consuming entire universes of microorganisms and knocking my ass out. There will be a follow up to this a little later for everyone following along.

Thanks for Playing