I’ve always wanted to try my hand at written fiction. I have established characters on this website that I figure could be entertaining to explore via a written medium so why not do that?

Self publishing is a strange beast that only a few have mastered. That is not my plan here, I am just going to write and write until I get good enough for it to be considered worthy of paperback glory. If that never happens then it is what it is. I mostly want to do this to see what I can come up with that might have some sort of entertainment value. Since losing my stylus for drawing it definitely has become more imperative that I get better with words in written form. Improvisation is a talent I have and I am sure I can employ that somewhere in this whole thing. But as for now a possible episodic adventure featuring characters I have made for TH(Twin Hills) might be something to keep readers happy.

I have explored only one episode via comic so far. That was the one about the alien invasion happening at a FuD Sit-E where people had giant antennae protruding from the backs of their necks that leads to the main characters Agents Ritter and Skully to spot one of the aliens because it’s cloaking mechanism had failed so they engage trying to capture him only to be captured themselves where they later escape with the help of agent Wells and agent Squee. Notably, this series is a comedy spoof of the classic “agent” genre. No show has done it better than X-Files and I know this can’t be X-Files but it can be its own little thing that’s a fun free read for the audience.

The second episode had something to do with a downed satellite and I have many pages drawn and written out but I don’t want to promise something I can’t deliver yet as far as not being able to produce any more comics at the moment. I also don’t want to spoil the story on that one, so hopefully once I get a new pen there will be a more polished version of what I already have created. I do have a sketch pad however. As I am writing this I might be inclined to draw up some of the spooky happenings so people can get better visualizations of what is happening in the story. This will be a good way to get the story across to readers and also be a nice little fun project on the side.

I think what I will have to start with is a continuation from where we left off last. I might also be inclined to make stories that are based on the solo lives of characters before coming to TH. Skully in the first episode is considered a “new recruit” at the TH agency but is a seasoned agent in other fields. Ritter and Wells (Schwartz and Merc) were recruited fresh when they were young. Squee is the director of the TH agency and knows more than she lets on. These are all things that I wanted to make apparent in the first episode that somehow escaped my ability to write comics. So since I HAVE TO USE MY WORDS I think this will give more perspective on what these characters are all about. There are also a lot more agents in this office than just the four of them. There are also a town sheriff and deputy that will beĀ appearing in the future.

If this all goes well I might be able to apply this to another medium.

-Thanks for Playing