I decided I will start doing comics to accompany my videos for body by books as I can get some questions and answers taken care of that way. I will tackle sugar yet again in this first one simply because it is really the simplest step to starting on the right path. Most of them will be conversations I am having with myself. I am not chiding someone you don’t know, this is me talking to myself. Schwartz and Merc are me. Lizard Brain is a part of who I am as well, he is more of a manifestation of instinct than anything else. We are Schwartz and Merc.

Sugar gives you a little reward every time you eat it because you are giving it a small yet powerful source of energy that fuels it for a short while.  Think of throwing gas on a fire when it comes to being energy you can actually utilize, you throw it on the fire and the fire gets bigger for 3 seconds then goes back to its original state. All you did was waste your resources. If you throw a log into the fire then you get more sustained energy that will last longer. In this analogy the log can be almost anything other than sugar, grains or starches. Vegetables, meats, eggs, dairy(except milk or any other kinds of high sugar content dairy) and some fruits(eat fruit sparingly, they have natural fiber to combat the sugars but you don’t need very much at all.)

High fructose corn syrup is worse for you than sugar by just a little bit as it does hang around your liver longer only to be reprocessed. So yes, corn syrup is not “just sugar” so try and stay away from it. I do understand that a large part of the American diet utilizes sugar and HFCS in their sauces and cakes and breads so they are tough to avoid. Skipping a soda or maybe getting the steak instead of the BBQ pulled pork are just minor steps you can take to avoid sugar. I do believe in moderation if you want a very small amount here and there its not so bad. But like many things, too much can be considered self destructive. If you can sit there and say too much alcohol is bad, then how can you not see that too much sugar(from which alcohol is derived using yeast) can also be terrible for you?

There are many more things I can go on about but I will save them for future comics and videos.  If you have questions, please contact me using twitter or on my YouTube videos.