Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to the VNSA book sale this Sunday and was able to scout out some fun books. VNSA is a charity event that gets used books into the hands of people who want them. Whether or not you have a high income you are welcome to browse and buy. Its a great way to see the vast amount of literature that has accumulated over the last couple of centuries. I didn’t get much as a lot of the good stuff was probably nabbed on day one. It happens at the fair grounds in Phoenix and seems very chaotic if you aren’t looking close enough. They have an organized line system and everyone is there to experience the fun of getting little treasures, so I didn’t experience any grumbly people. The people working were happy and the announcer was consistent.

It’s hard to explain the joy of seeing people who are there for the purposes of getting books they are interested in. I ended up finding only one book for myself but was able to enjoy the atmosphere. I mostly checked on anatomy, health, fantasy, horror and sci-fi. They specifically had a spot for fad diet books, those interested me as I have been on most of them if not, variations of them. This was also a place big enough that I got my steps in for the day.

After we finished purchasing our bounties we went to Taco Guild for some much needed delicious foods. Taco Guild serves gourmet tacos and is built like a church. The first thing they bring you is chips and FOUR KINDS OF SALSA. As I have mentioned before, I skip specific foods when I can to moderate the amount of processed grains and sugars I intake so we ordered tacos with lettuce tortillas and we told them we don’t need tortilla chips. They were essentially butter lettuce wraps, and they were phenomenal. Between the two of us we ended up getting  duck, mahi mahi, pork, lamb and shrimp tacos with a side of seasonal veggies. We also got some deviled eggs with schreiner’s sausage on them and some guacamole with veggies instead of chips. That ended up being the best meal of 2019 so far. I also had a couple glasses of cold brew. One thing I will have to remember is to take pictures of these tacos before I inhale them next time. If you are in the area of Taco Guild I would highly recommend a visit.

Later in the day I decided I wanted to get a slow cooker so I headed to the nearest store to try and get a good one. Unfortunately it looks as though my power train went out, so I am going to the repair shop today to drop it off. I’m still getting my workouts in today as I have a gym in my apartment complex that has the basics of what I need. Today is leg day and you NEVER skip it, unless skipping with your feet is part of leg day then you do you.