I have no idea how this is going to turn out but I decided to mix coffee with some loose leaf chai tea to see if I can manufacture a cold brew dirty chai. You may ask yourself why I just did it instead of looking online for a perfectly good recipe that already exists. The answer is simply, I like messing around and finding things in the kitchen on my own. However, if someone I know saw what I posted and gave me suggestions that would be slightly different. Collaboration is one of my favorite things as far as creativity when I’m just spitballing things for the hell of it.

Black tea has many varieties and has been a constant in my diet over the last couple of decades. I’ve heard there are antioxidant benefits(though I’m sure switching to black tea instead of water is probably a bad thing) so I put a little more of it back into my diet recently. I live next to a tea store so I figure what the hell. I will however likely try to make a grean/black combo in the near future as  I have heard the combination of the two is like mixing a red and green herb from Resident Evil(and if you don’t get that reference get cultured).

I also went as far as hot brewing some tea in a pot. That sounds like a smart idea until you need to strain it. So, my suggestion to you is get a kettle and buy tea bags you can put that loose leaf tea into. Remember to drink lots of water as well. Many people really don’t get that, and I know because I used to be one of  them. We are mostly made of water and dehydrate faster than you think. Especially here in Arizona, many people who visit do not heed the warnings of proper hydration. I should have an answer for you tomorrow as to whether this idea was good or not.

Thanks for Playing