I have had my surface pro for as long as the surface pro platform has existed. It has lasted me a long time and has been very useful for getting my projects done on a timely manner including when I am on the road or I need to show a rough draft of a project. It is responsible for 99 percent of the content on this website and countless other random/fandom art that I have done over the years. Webcomics are a passion of mine and I set out to start making one when I was in high school with my friends. There have been countless iterations of what I was planning on writing but I settled on Schwartz and Merc.

I have been drawing comics for friends, family and people I am a fan of as far as I can rember. I started drawing comics based off of Street Fighter and Mega Man when I was young, I still remember this one where Blanka and Guile were best friends and had to kill some weird monster, I liked monsters, I was a strange kid. It evolved later into stories of drawings I made then up to crazy monster comics then super heroes then demons, zombies and agents who deal with the paranormal(I intend to visit most of these again). My current project is the Noobs: A Jugger Tale comic where I am glamorizing my jugger adventure through manga-ish style art.

The problem is that my Surface Pro finally bit the big one. I have been messing with it forĀ a while and I can’t get it to do anything. I might be able to get it restored but I think it might be time to retire it as my primary medium. I will keep working at getting all of the data I lost but I might just have to find a place that has a good price and just fork over the money so I can keep my projects rolling.

Here’s hoping.