Here is a quick little instacomic about failure. Many people agree that the best way to improve is to fail harder and faster than anyone else. The point of it is to work towards success by putting forth the effort and knowing at some point you will fail. That failure is a little benchmark that you can use to move to overcome. Muscles don’t get noticeably stronger until they have been worked to failure.  You will adapt and figure out new things and innovate for yourself if you at least try and through that fail. You won’t always fail, but that’s the point, if you stopped at one successful goal then quit, what’s the point?  Can you run a marathon without completely exhausting yourself by holding back? Probably, but the more you do that marathon and the harder you try each time, the better you will become at it. Then you can run bigger and better marathons.

Those who think failure until success is overrated are likely to be battling semantics more than anything and are failing at grasping the subtle context of what it actually means, but it’s okay, in time they won’t fail at understanding.