Today’s shake isn’t much to write home about, so why am I writing about it? The answer is consistency. It isn’t only good to stay consistent with my blog and throw words at you every once in a while, but also important to stay on track. Shakes are a good way to get quick vitamins and junk. If you know you’re going to be hungry and don’t want to put much effort forth, its a good option. I used the x-rated chocolate iso whey which is pretty good albeit quite frothy. I’m pretty sure i can make a protein whipped cream foam out of it with no problem if I put my mind to it. The shake I made today was just that protein, a cup of milk and a peanut butter cup for good measure. You can put more PB cups in it if you like just be aware of the sugar content.

My fasting regimen is working out okay so far. Again I haven’t been going for more than 2 weeks but in the time periods where I don’t eat I haven’t torn off anyone’s head yet. It is a good point to note that I do in fact feel better. This also gives me a rule to go by for my eating and drinking habits. If I start at 2 then I end at 10 PERIOD, and that includes alcohol. The main thing is avoiding even artificial sweeteners with the stuff I am consuming in the morning and early afternoon. The BCAA’s have some in it but the benefits of avoiding catabolization of my muscles while fasting is a good step I think.

Do I even need to eat this shake if I am doing the fast and eating 2 bigger meals at 2 and 10 pm? Having extra vitamins isn’t super terrible unless you go overboard on A, D, E or K (I remember to stay out of the ADEK (attic) which are fat soluble vitamins so they don’t flush out of your system.