So I have been talking about intermittent fasting to the past couple of weeks, and I figure I might as well give you a peek at what I have been eating. For the next while I’m going to show you on Fridays exactly what I’m putting into my body Which includes the suppliments that I take. I will also mention what kinds of food and where in buying it from.

In the morning I got a cold brew coffee from Starbucks but I would recommend making your old cold brew because it is way cheaper and better-tasting. I also use the X rated B CAA’s To keep me going to the day until lunchtime or breakfast whatever you consider eating in the afternoon but is still your 1st meal of the day.

At 2:00 p.m. I started with Robert Irvine’s protein bar Which was about 320 calories. I was skeptical atĀ first but to be honest this is definitely better-tasting than most protein bars hands down.

For lunch I had a tostada from cafe Rio , Minus the Shell and no rice, cheese, sour cream or tortilla strips. I also added an extra helping of black beans.

For my final meal of the day at 10 P.M. I had an order of nachos and a taco from Filiberto’s. Since it was late and the weekend I had some bourbon as well. I probably hit somewhere around 1800 calories for the day because of my good habits during the day and terrible food at night.