I’m not sure I named it first because I literally came up with this 3 hours ago. I was coming up with a tea I could use while on my fast and decided to get a ton of ingredients that would work for me. My research brought me to a bunch of different teas that I haven’t been able to do much research on yet so I figured I would work with the tea that I know are okay for not spiking insulin levels. I might be a little too paranoid and the other 5 teas I have don’t have an affect on whether or not my insulin levels spike or not. Regardless I decided to use 4 out of the 9 teas to make this current concoction. I call it four horsemen because it has the 4 teas that are known to have caffeine; black (specifically pu-erh), white, green and yerba mate.

Green: Everyone knows its good for you as long as you drink it in moderation. It’s known for having EGCG and other junk that’s probably good for you.

Black(Pu-Erh): This is a fermented black tea that can be re-steeped if you so please. It also gets a good rap for having antioxidants in it. It also is more caffeinated than green or white.

White: It is the youngest tea and less talked about but it looks up to the other teas to someday be as cool as them.

Yerba Mate: This one is the most caffeinated and has amino acids and other antioxidants.

I watched a Ted Talk about tea and how green tea is good for you, but if you combine that with black tea its even better for you. If you then combine it with white you have some sort of powerhouse going on. I figure yerba mate was there and it wasn’t doing anything for the weekend so it just hopped along for the ride to see what was going on. The thing is that yerba mate is the most energetic of the four teas so everyone is going to get egged or EGCG’d on a little more. Yeah I made a terrible pun, but you can’t stop me! So far the tea tastes great, I didn’t flavor it but I will be making a sweet version of it for when I break my fast later today.

Teas are also supposed to help reduce weight gain and cholesterol. I hear a lot of people who doubt this kind of science and good for them. If you don’t believe in this stuff then don’t even try because you will only believe in what you’ve already made your mind up over. I however have a very flexible thought process and am willing to experiment on myself to see what kind of results I can yield out of these teas. I have already done the fasting thing for almost 2 weeks I might as well see how drinking slightly less caffeine(maybe) per day works while still doing everything else the same.