Something that is highly encouraging to me and I hope it would be to you to is, friends are making progress. And by that I mean, many people around me are getting up and giving it a shot, at least once or twice a week. When I see my friends make progression personally towards a healthier outlook it really encourages me to work even harder on myself. When I hear things like, “I hit my goal” or “I’ve worked out 3 days in a row this week” it ramps up the momentum I have to help even more. Not that my intention is to become a drill instructor or anything(unless people asked me to) but it makes me a little more creative for what I want to do here. I even try to encourage patients of mine when they have questions, and even then one of my quotes from them is, “You are my turning point” as in, they saw that I could achieve a realistic fitness goal and not be miserable about it. So even people I am not even having personal interactions with on a daily basis are working harder because they see something achievable. Pushing yourself to do something just a little is just enough.

I know a couple of my posts have recently been about “just showing up” but again for the third time, try it out. Some goals are closer than others when you start out but you will never get to those goals if you don’t try. That being said there are still many goals where it can feel like you are putting very little effort in and are getting results. It is important to note there are many ways to get to goals and the journey in some of the paths you would take are as rewarding as the goal itself. Again I got all hippy dippy on you, but I probably wouldn’t have gotten to my goals so far if I didn’t end up enjoying the kinds of foods and even the workouts, even just a little bit.

Thanks for Playing