As I write this I am watching Neil Gaiman talk on a commercial for MasterClass. I’m sure that isn’t relevant but it is a sentence and you just read it. If you read yesterday, my car died and I had to take it in. After a days worth of work it turns out the hybrid computer had failed and needed to be replaced. It cost over $800 (after I also requested an oil change) to fix and after some careful calculating of how much I will owe on that plus my new phone and this website’s hosting needing to be renewed alongside my antivirus I realized I’m gonna need to reevaluate my definition of maximum effort. Nothing is free and at the end of the day I still need to show up and get my reps in; here, the gym, at actual work and many other places. I am not going to spread myself thin here, but the plan is to build up the arms I have already stretched until they are strong enough to pull this shit together. The noble octopus is can work with it’s environment and is ninety percent muscle, just like me. If that brainy space fish can thrive so can I. Why do I bring up such a mysterious creature? To stick with the association of the animal, I refuse to tell you why I bring it up.

I thought my car was going to be in the shop for a week so I thought I wasn’t getting any sweet sweet gym time, but luckily I was able to work out at my apartment’s gym the first day. If you haven’t tried working out for anxiety problems, do I have a prescription for you! Working out is my favorite stress relief treatment. Yeah, there’s medication, booze, meditation and a bunch of other stuff but this gets me for two reasons; I get to see how much stronger I got from the last time and it let’s me release energy I have built up throughout the day. Why wouldn’t I use that energy at work? I would likely accidentally injure a co-worker. My job is about being careful and has no room for explosive energy. It might be why I also focus on controlled workouts. I still get the fast paced ones banged out but I really try to make sure I have control when I do my reps.

More book reviews are coming in, I promise. If I need to hand draw all of the pictures for the next drawn book review on classic paper and pencil I will.  I need to write more as well…

Thanks for playing