I’m sure you have heard it already and many people around you might be regurgitating the same biased information without putting further research into it because they heard it from a celebrity coach. They say “Keto is bad” they usually then give a VERY brief synopsis of how the human digestive system works, then they throw a little bit of rudimentary science to back up their claim to make you feel dumb for even entertaining the idea. Well here is a quick answer to that, they are fucking idiots. Well, to back up a bit they aren’t really idiots in the terms of they don’t think that a diet that focuses on ketosis works, because they do. When your body uses the stored fat for fuel it’s in ketosis. Many of these people who are “warning” the public that its dangerous to take short cuts or deprive yourself of things “you need” really need to take a step back a little bit and go fuck themselves for a time. They aren’t giving the information to you the way you need it.

When someone hears a famous person tell them that carbs are an essential part of their diet they don’t immediately want to point out sugar and processed grains as a part of it, but when they go to buy food at the store, do you know what happens? What happens is they forgive themselves for buying food they know they shouldn’t consume on a daily basis. When you hear, “You are what you eat” that is a literal statement, you assimilate and reformat all of the stuff that goes in you. When someone has an outline like keto to guide them in the right direction it very much helps. If they stick to that guideline they will stay away from the bigger problems. Most people I know who have done the ketogenic diet aren’t following it strictly because they know at the end of the day the most important thing is staying away from added sugars and heavily processed grains if their body doesn’t need it.

There are people who need sugar because of a genetic alteration that has become more and more prevalent in the last century. We know this as diabetes. It’s important to note that people with diabetes have very strict rules they need to follow to make sure their body has enough insulin to process everything that goes into their system. This includes exogenous insulin for many people. This stuff is very expensive and at the rate we are going will NOT see cheap alternatives in the near future. There are many oral medications for people to take as well depending on the type of diabetes they have. You can be on medication if you are pre-diabetic. There are also blood glucose monitors, test strips, lancets, syringes, needles, glucose shots and tablets ect. There are a lot of products that are targeted specifically for people who need this or who will need this in the future. I’m sure you’ve heard that people use ketone test strips to check to see if they are in ketosis. Some are doing it for fat loss, while others are doing it to see if their body is running on ketones because they have diabetes. As far as I have seen, the ketogenic diet isn’t a very good one for people who have diabetes, but for people who are at risk it helps them become a little more insulin sensitive.

Another statement I have heard is that doing a ketogenic diet screws up their sensitivity to insulin. Well, if you don’t have diabetes you will actually become more sensitive to your insulin, so as far as I can tell that means you are running MORE efficiently. What does it mean to have a more efficient system? You can run the same engine on less energy. This isn’t to say specifically that it’s a direct thing happening because of the diet, but when you modify your eating habits and your pancreas isn’t working off the clock to moderate a craving for donuts every day your human engine will have a little time for itself. If you could spend half the amount of money on gas for your car you would right? The cleaner the fuel that goes into your car, the more miles it gets to the gallon. “But people aren’t cars, you shouldn’t objectif. . ” fuck you YES HUMANS ARE CARS. You let a mechanic screw around in your vehicle while you are away because you can always get a new one, it might cost you money but you PAY THAT GUY. You get one body, that’s it, and if you can fuel it the best you can most of the time it will show.

Was that slightly ranty and off subject? Maybe, but at the end of the day what should be noted is trying to redirect people away from the keto diet without properly dissecting it from the get go is a massive mistake. There is far more literature out there about the positive responses people have had from this diet, and yes most people will modify it to suit their needs, and it won’t always steer them in the 70-20-10 macro counts people swear by.

The celebrities that tell you not to do the thing that’s working for all of your friends are selling you something. At the end of their day, its about money that their endorsement deal or program is built on. It’s sad, but true. Their little program is going to sell the exact same thing that keto is, and that is “stop eating added sugar and processed grains” so don’t worry about paying those jerks 250 dollars a month just to hit a plateau three sessions in because they are just there to get paid. If it starts with keto, then do it