In today’s motivation we talk a little about communication. Communication is very helpful in motivating yourself as you will also motivate others. Helping yourself and others is very useful in sticking to a plan like a diet or exercise.

The book this week is Boneshaker by Cherie Priest. Boneshaker is set in a post civil war steampunk Seattle, Washington where a giant drill destroys a whole city then releases gas from the earth causing zombies.

Quick guide to what I allow myself to eat and what I don’t allow myself to eat.

Eat Yes: Vegetables, meats, eggs, dairy(excluding milk as it is mostly just sugar water without the fat and any yogurt with high carbohydrate count.)

Eat sometimes but very little: potatoes, rice and fruit

Eat NO: anything with added sugar, bread, pasta, cereal, corn and tortillas. I avoid flour and wheat as much as possible.