So, here it is. I have been working on this for a long time now. I haven’t figured out how I would go about making this story as it is mostly true. I wanted to show the world a little history of Jugger Arizona with a llittle added flair. What better medium than Manga!? This will mostly center around a character that looks surprisingly like me (or Cathal if you get the joke on that) and follows his team from before their beginnings to current. All jugger players I have met are going to meet my stylus in this comic as it is a kind of running history of jugger in general. All characters will have nick names or terribly written names that I come up with that are strikingly similar to the ones they already have. I didn’t do this to protect anonymity as much as I thought it would be fun to come up with silly names. A good one to try and figure out this character “Dash Mountain” I will give you a hint, hes Irish. I encourage everyone to laugh along with or at this story as it is incredibly ridiculous, I made it a little extra dramatic as well. Teams will not be renamed, they will stay as is to spread the jugger legend throughout the world. (that sounded cooler in my head)

I will be giving special thanks out the gate to a few juggers who really inspired me to start on this project as soon as possible. There are enough that I could go on for hours writing this, but I will save some people for the next few posts. It is really important to give credit where its due. Lorien is who brought be to jugger the first time, and she has been super supportive of my creative endeavors since their conception, there is a lot more and I could go on for paragraphs about what she has done for Jugger Arizona but I will let you see that in the story I write. Sarah, she challenged me to actually get off my figurative ass and start this comic. Emma, who has been the most active member of my team and a great officer. Mark, for being an artist that I looked up to before I stayed at his place and brought him peanut butter. Chris, “which one?” why Chris W. of course, for making my logo and helping me we with all of my projects to date. Matt, you’re a great dude and showed your support a long time ago, and you kept Miguel alive in Ireland which in turn kept Lettie from killing us. Oh jeez and the Aussies, I’m going to need another page for that(seriously, my friends from down under, there are a lot of you and I will let it be known).

thanks for playing -KG(schwartz) AKA (Kraken) AKA (Cocktopus)