Phoenix Comicon was a blast this year as it has been in the last few. I came for the celebrities and authors mostly. I still left with some swag even though I was budgeting myself.

20150531_171309 Tacos from Taco Guild are excluded from the budgeting process. @TacoGuild on twitter

So on Saturday we decided that everyone was going to wear their Jugger uniforms and make a showing. It was pretty great and our reception was better than anticipated. I decided to wear my kilt I just bought for the first time in public. I decided part way through the day that I was going to try and get as many Mortal Kombatants as possible to get a picture attacking me. A lot of these pictures are quite shaky but there are some really good ones in here.

20150530_145706 Raiden

20150530_145519 super blurry Liu Kang Zombie edition

20150530_143642 Sub-Zero

20150530_141544 Scorpion

20150530_140656 downloadable character Jason Voorhees

20150530_143459 Kitana

20150530_141903 Mileena. I was trying to look scared but it just looks like I got Novocaine injected into my face.

Mileena had her own booth set up as a professional Cosplayer Rosanna Rocha who has a fan page at

I got silly pictures with everyone but it should be noted that you need to follow all of the con rules about permission before doing anything like this. I had also thought I had taken a picture with another professional who was dressed as Jade but somehow there was a malfunction so I didn’t get the pic. I apologize to all of the people in DC costumes who are reading this and are not seeing your pictures but the guy taking the pictures for me did not know how to operate my phone so none of them actually got taken.

Image result for endgame bar

I had forgotten to mention in an earlier post that on Friday we went to a place in Tempe called Endgame at 699 S. Mill Ave #201 which was GREAT! This place is a video game bar complete with tons of video game consoles and tvs so you can entertain yourself while you are there. There was a special event that night which had many people dressing up in masquerade style clothing and masks(Because of BioShock, a game you may or may not of heard of but it’s pretty big, you should check it out).  The food was good, the atmosphere made me feel welcome and the bartenders were super attentive. They had some super tasty wings and the beer was top notch. They also have many art pieces available to purchase if you would like to. I have a friend who is a freelance media specialist currently showing some of his work there if you would like to buy them. You can find his works online at I also posted one of his pieces on the bottom of the page. Also the logo you see at the top for this website was done by him so give that guy some love!

The last day we were there we got to see Ron Perlman, Karl Urban, and Christopher Lloyd. They were all fantastic and had a lot of wisdom to give to the audience. Karl Urban was especially funny with his crazy stories. I learned how many women were in love with Ron because his role as Vincent in Beauty and the Beast seriously got mentioned in almost every question on the panel. And Great SCOTT it was fun watching Christopher talk about all of the amazing things he has done.


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