I’ve decided to start doing warm up drawings and hope to create at least one per day. These may or may not be projects that I am working on, I think I just need to get into the habit of drawing every day. This is the one thing I can consistently do and still sort of entertain people. Words too, I can words like no other(it’s true, most people never know what I am talking about).

If you were standing right next to me right now you would probably be thinking, “You’re just blogging right now because you are patiently waiting for the bathroom to be free.” and you would be correct. A house that is slightly overfilled is a mess as most people who have dealt with it know for sure while others can take a pretty educated guess. Oh shit it’s open now, be right back.

Well anyways the picture on this page is just a random warm up I did to pass the time and get into the habit of drawing every day again. I think its a dragon fish mixed with a sea dragon(both real animals, look it up). I have always had a habit of drawing animal hybrids/chimeras/monsters what have you. I am not sure what sparked my love of creatures but it has followed me through my entire life so with some of these warm ups you are going to see some kooky creatures.

The jugger comic is coming along nicely, I hope everyone is enjoying it so far. The art is going to get a bigger budget soon once the Noobs go to Colorado. I have mentioned it before, but maybe if these warm up drawings become more consistent and I start drawing comics on a daily basis, you might see more comics posted every week which I think most people would be in favor of. I also want to bring back TH and VideoGame Verse. The manga comic would be okay but the jugger comic has kind of taken it’s place by having a similar art style and all of the characters having crazy proportions. If I can start being consistent with the art then I will most likely start up the other comics again along side Noobs. Well, that’s enough for today which is also taco tuesday I might add, so I will see you all on the next blog!