It should come as no surprise that I like movies about multiple universes. After all, the web-comics I make are set in multiple different universes with different art styles on purpose, but I digress let’s get to the subject at hand. On Friday I watched Into the Spider-Verse which is the newest Spider-Man movie where someone is using a supercollider and it starts merging universes. One of the results of the merging is that several different kinds of Spider-Folk show up in the same universe. The Spider-Main of this universe is Miles Morales(Played by Shameik Moore), a kid who lives in the same universe as another Peter Parker who is Spider-Man(Played by Chris Pine). That sentence probably doesn’t make a lot of sense since I said both of them were the same arachnid Avenger. Well, you should watch it and find out exactly what is going on. I can hopefully do a review without spoiling anything major or whatever might have been in the trailers.

Once Miles is bitten by the radioactive spider he goes through the classic montage like in other Spider-Movies. This one is slightly different though as he doesn’t actually get much better until he runs into the other Spider-Heroes. In the trailer you see a brooding Spider-Man Noir (played by Nicholas Cage), the hilarious Peter Porker AKA Spider-Ham (played by John Mulaney), a tech savvy Peni Parker (played by Kimiko Glenn) and her suit SP//dr,  the very popular Spider-Woman AKA Gwen Stacy (played by Hailee Steinfeld) and last but not least the washed up Peter B. Parker AKA Spider-Man AKA Dad-Bod-Spider-Man(played by Jake Johnson). The other heroes end up mentoring and helping him until he gets acquainted with his new powers (the classic ones plus cloaking ability and being able to emit sonic blasts). The team that came from the dimensions outside of Miles’s find out they are degenerating because they can’t exist outside of their own worlds for an extended period of time. They need to get back to the giant machine that caused the rift and get back to their own respective universes. Miles eventually gets his iconic black and red suit before facing off against the formidable Kingpin (played by Liev Schreiber). That’s about as spoiler free as I can get I think. There are more baddies in the movie and even though it wouldn’t be much of a spoiler to tell you who they are, I think it’s kind of better you just see them as it progresses.

Overall I really liked this movie. The pacing was great, the story was one of my favorite kinds, the music was orchestrated perfectly, the voice acting talent was really good (and that matters, I am not a giant fan of super star actors in animated films as real voice actors are truly the only way to go, that being said I thought they did an excellent job). The one thing in this movie that bugged me and it was a very small amount as you do get used to it is the motion. The art itself was fantastic but the jagged nature of the movements was enough to throw me off a bit. I know it was stylized and meant to be that way, I got over it fast but it does need mentioning as that is what a review is for. So if you start watching it and are scared of how the animation is, don’t worry too hard as things smooth out and the action is super cool. I will also have to mention that I felt for every version of the Spider-Peeps, the movie keeps you invested in them as characters, which can be hard to do with multiple characters sometimes.

Overall I thought this movie was Excellent.