Today has been brought to you by the phrase, “just show up” and is the simplest thing you can do in almost any situation. Even if you are not motivated during the time you put aside to work on a project or doing something fitness/nutrition wise it’s still important to know that just showing up is crucial. You just show up to your job even when you don’t feel like it right? Of course there is the whole getting fired thing that kind of keeps you on track, but that could also be because looking for a new job is even more work than just showing up to the one you have. So just be lazy about it and show up to work on yourself.

If you eat better now, you wont have to take medication to combat the crazy things your body will have to deal with otherwise. If you work out now you will have the energy and more time to do stuff later. It’s easy to just not do something, but in the end you have an exponentially bigger problem to deal with. If you consistently show up mentally, physically, metaphorically or even ethereally there will be much less of a mess you will have to deal with later.

Also, just showing up means you are more than all talk. I’ve had my time telling people I was going to write this thing or go to the gym or take karate, but unfortunately back in the times of old I would just say it and never do it. This put a strain on myself as I consistently talked about projects that would never get finished. Though my credibility was on the line the more important thing to me was just never doing the things that I knew should have been completed, and if I had just shown up even just once a day they would be. I hope this brings you some sort of Monday Motivation.

Thanks for playing