Slow and steady is a common phrase we hear all the time. I wanted to get a quick little comic out there to go over what message it brings to me. I see this as, you aren’t trying to win THIS race. If you go slow and steady you will eventually build up the skill and strength necessary to compete IF YOU WANT TO. Working hard to get to a goal is a good thing and constantly trying to improve yourself is a plus. Testing your limits is a good way to see where you are at, and will give you perspective on where you need to go. Too many times have I gone way to hard and realized far too late that I’m going to be in a world of hurt the next day or maybe a few minutes, because I ran twice as long as I usually do.

If you need to treat yourself as a low level RPG character that goes in for 30 seconds then dips out, then do it. But just push it ever so slightly until you gain more XP each time. You can’t run in going, “Whos that dork with the long siler hair and big ol’ sword? Well, who cares because I’m fighting him first” because you are going to have to fight a lot of wild boars in the forest before you get there. Look at your diet and exercise the same way. Cut out bad foods here and there by just a little bit like 2 sodas instead of 3, wake up a little bit earlier and go for a longer walk tomorrow. And with both of those examples you continue to work slowly until you are at say zero sodas and you do an hour walk each day. Slow and steady is very helpful in regulating yourself.

If there is one thing I could teach myself back when I started trying to lose excess weight, it’s that it takes time so don’t get discouraged.