Since Taco Tuesday is a thing I am talking about and instantly people will think its an unhealthy habit I have decided to compliment it with Solid Shake Thursday. I don’t much plan to go out and buy shakes much but if I do, you will see it here. I prefer to make my own shakes as they tend to not be filled to the max with sugar. Most of the stuff I make is vegetable based, but don’t be discouraged I will make some fruit ones as well, and maybe even a meat shake. I just won’t shake the same way twice in a row.

Now, why am I doing this and even talking to you about it? Because I decided to make one to two meals a day shakes instead of eating “real food”. “Torture! Blasphemy! Heretic!” you might cry. I know the feeling of comfort food TRUST ME. I know the difference between instant gratification and long term. Consuming these shakes makes me feel good the same way caffeine used to. Not in the jittery way but the one where you feel like you can do more. Also a good thing to note is the amount of calories the shakes I have been making are less than 300 . The shake you see above is only 252 calories and has very little sugar.

The first shake I decided on showing you is one of the many many many green shakes you will see. This one was pretty easy and quick to do. I frequent Trader Joe’s and Hi-Health, that doesn’t mean you have to in order to find the ingredients I got for this. I used 2 cups of kale and one can/cup matcha green tea from TJ’s and one scoop of x-rated whey protein from HH. I also put 1 cup of water and a tablespoon of almond butter in it. I have a Nutri-Bullet that helps me make shakes super fast and easy so it takes no time for set up and clean up. Again, you don’t need that specific kind of blender you just want to get conditioned to clean it right away after using, especially if you are going to use it more than one time per day like I do.

Early in the morning before I eat my shake I usually go on what I and I’m sure other people call deficit walks where you wake up and immediately go on a low intensity walk without eating anything. I don’t even shower before I leave, sometimes I don’t even dress myself correctly.