Well since I made a new years resolution to hit Taco Tuesday every week for the whole year I figure I should start a blog soon after. It might have been 7 months later, but better late than never I have heard some people say or something. I have done a lot of fitness and diet routines and fads in my short time on earth and I figure why not try something original.

Food is my favorite thing to eat. It keeps me alive and tastes great 50 percent of the time depending on how and what you eat. Tacos are a food, a source of many nutrients and taste vessels. I have hit Taco Tuesday every week since the beginning of 2017 and figure I should do a taco review or talk about tacos at the very least. Heck, maybe I will even throw in some of my own taco recipes in here. I couldn’t be a connoisseur of tacos and not know how to make my own, that would be ridiculous.

I will be documenting my tacosperiences with you so you will probably find a lot of taco pics and or drawings here as well. This is a slow integration of things I am adding to this blog site along with the comics I produce weekly. Keeping up with this is going to be a bit of a job for me but since I was already eating tacos its not really all to hard.

Now on to how this fits into my fitness routine. I work out regularly and eat a lot of uninteresting things on top of the tacos, chimis, and pizzas I have talked a lot about before. I intend to make those uninteresting things look more tasty while exploring how you can have a taco and not go crazy high on fats, sodium, calories or sugar. Notably the best thing a taco has in it is the protein. If you shell your taco right the calorie count is actually pretty low, but I will do the research and go over it with you so you know how and what to eat.

Some of the places I go are going to be local, so you won’t find franchises where you are at if you are in another state or country. In fact, if you are in a different country you probably wont find most of the franchises we have in the US, and that is why I will be sharing recipes.

So let’s go on an adventure!



Pictured below is today’s Taco Tuesday. This is a green Chile pork taco on a corn tortilla with NO cheese, guacamole or sour cream. I also ate a side of black beans and salsa. This came to about 370 calories for quite a filling lunch. It helps that Cafe Rio’s tacos are cheap on Taco Tuesday so I have a drink and another side of beans for later!