I am not sure what sparked the idea for this, all I know is that it wasn’t mine. One of my friends told me I should write the book; Tacos, Whiskey and Yoga, I think there was a tagline but I forget what it is right now and I can’t find it in my social media feed. As I am not sure I can write a book on all three things and have it last a super long time, I can say it’s not a bad title. I don’t mind letting people into my way of thinking and some silly stories about my life that led up to how I eat and think about what, when and where to eat on a daily basis. I will be building up my blog at least just a little more and maybe have a couple of videos before I start writing it.

Fiction is actually where my main focus is. I have been writing since I was a child. I knew how to draw so naturally I made comics for friends and family to read. I tried to write a novel when I was in high school but that didn’t pan out well. I got a lot of words on paper but there were a bajillion characters and every scene led right to the action with very little dialogue. I am sure I have it sitting around somewhere but the computer it was saved on is long gone. I have done a lot of talking about the worlds I’ve created with my friends over the years but I haven’t actually put the ideas down on paper. It’s time to start doing that. I am writing here so I can start actually progressing with what my passion since I was a kid has pushed me to do, write.

If I am writing for fun or to help someone out I am still enjoying it either way. Healthcare is a labyrinth of wrong turns and what ifs that it’s mind boggling to look at from a distance. And I bring up healthcare specifically because at the end of the day, self care is healthcare. You can get a new job, you can get a new car but you can’t get a new body. We are all playing Mine Craft and you only get one life. “I don’t feel like it.” is far more scary than it sounds, and if you find yourself saying it, ask why. Motivation is probably one of the biggest complaints people have about trying to eat healthier. Extrinsic motivation to look hot or like your high school self shouldn’t be your primary motivator, you need intrinsic motivation that makes you want to be better.

I may have gotten off track but yes, I will likely try to write this Tacos, Whiskey and Yoga book. It will likely be slightly self helpish and I am sure people will enjoy it, but again I want to be a little more established for that. It is cold for some reason in Arizona and I am wearing my Leon S. Kennedy cosplay jacket to keep warn while I write this for you.

Thanks for Playing