The point of this book is right in the title. I suggest this book in your arsenal for better health because of one specific philosophy which I will sum up for you; “Stop caring about the failures and pains you will experience on your road to getting better and you will achieve more.”

I have been going to the gym on and off for about four years now. I did the same routine over and over and got little to no results. I also never pushed myself to try bigger weights as I didn’t want to look weak in front of a bunch of other sweaty bags of meat. The thing is, once I got over the concept of that anxiety it really helped. Everyone at the gym is there for themselves. People don’t exist there to judge you and watch every move you make, if they are, then they aren’t in the right place physically or mentally. When I stopped caring about what I thought people around me were thinking at the gym and just accepted the fact that they are probably worrying about the same thing I am it cleared my head so I could focus on what I do best, work out and listen to books. And I am not ashamed of the fact I have worn a fanny pack or should I say hip sack to the gym. My favorite merc with a mouth wears one so screw it I’m doing it and I don’t give a fuuuu I’m not going to complete that. Since I stopped caring I have gained far more results and feel like I get better every week.

I have talked about it before but eating better is far more important for overall health. I stopped caring about what restaurants I could or could not go to. I stopped caring that I couldn’t eat five pounds of taco bell in one sitting twice a week; yes I did that and I wish I didn’t. When friends ordered pizza I would order wings, when we got burgers I nixed the buns and fries, mexican food is a treat for me, I usually do fajitas without tortillas and just dowse it with salsa and when it came to desserts I would opt for the low sugar or low carb options but usually abstain because I stopped caring about dessert. This book goes over about what you should be caring about. I care about my body more than anything, why is that? I can get a new car, a new apartment, bed, socks, pants, computer, playstation, microphone, limited edition boba fett action figure or even a luffa sponge, but you know what you ONLY GET ONE OF? A body, this body is yours, take care of it because YOU GET ONE. Once you put that into perspective is pretty easy to keep yourself on track. “But I love cookies, chips, candy and cake” yes a lot of people do, thats because sugar and processed grains make the same area of your brain explode that cocaine does, they are addictive substances but if you push yourself to care less about the high you get from sugar and grains and care more about what you are putting in your body you will be happier, I promise.

Many people stop their quote unquote “diet” less than a month in because they don’t SEE immediate results. They key take away is SEE because the brain doesn’t have pain receptors, so you don’t know you are detoxifying your brain when you cut out the garbage food. Let the book guide you in caring less about the immediate reward system and allow patience to triumph. Did I tell you to buy this book yet? I was initially eating better for vanity, but I stopped caring about that when I started eating better which improved my mental health tenfold. Cutting out the white stuff changed my perspective on everything.

I implore you to read or listen to this book. It has many great stories from Mark Manson in it and his take on how not to give a fffff is genuine and inspirational. All that hippy dippy crap out of the way its a great read and might help your perspective on how to push yourself a little further in the direction you want to go.

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