This is not a story, I am just telling you that I decided to make a giant omelette with so much filling it became unfoldable(which is apparently not a word but who the hell cares) so now its just a giant egg circle covered in ground turkey, cheese and pasta sauce.¬† This is fine because I don’t care about the plating of this particular meal as I will mindlessly gnaw through it on my lunch period at work.

I am glad that some of the patients have taken the time to ask me about what I have been doing as far as weight loss. I don’t go around telling people what to eat and they should lose weight, its not an effective strategy for helping people and curious people naturally ask me anyways. The good things I usually hear are, “you were my turning point” or “I’m going to have to give what you did a try” because it means people are learning to try strategies they may have never tried before to help themselves. At the end of the day championing one’s own health is very important as it is a responsibility that can quickly get dropped into the lap of a health care professional.

Health care professionals are there to help you by communicating with you and getting care you need. But health care professionals have many jobs and many people to which they have those jobs associated with. You can’t expect them to do everything for you just because their title says “Physician” or “Pharmacist”. It’s really important to know when you need to take care of yourself to maximize your health, and that time is “all the time”, no one is asking you to play doctor but it is critical that one works towards improving¬†their own health. I have things here I will show you that I did for my own health. All of it is modifiable, but its very important that people know that they can’t drop their body off at the doc like its a car shop and say, “fix it” this isn’t an object you can live without.

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