So I tell people in passing what my multitude of comics are about and I try my best to explain how they are all connected one way or another even though they are made in several different styles. I created a breakdown of all the different universes that exist in my current arcs. I can go over them a bit here as well so you see what all the not so easy to interpret lines on the picture illustrate. I will just go from top to bottom left to right to explain the current verses.

TH(Twin Hills): Schwartz, Skully, Artemis and Merc are FBI agents who investigate the paranormal and characters from other universes will stop by intermittently as agents or other characters.  This is separate from the main universe. you can see lines radiating out of the picture. This just means events that occur in other universes can affect this one and it is the only one constantly being affected by them even if it is as small as a butterfly in scale.

Book Verse: A collection of subverses that will be elaborated on in written form. It does not affect or get affected by the other universes other than Schwartz, Merc and the rest of the characters existing somewhere within each realm. The satellites illustrate the subverses.

Manga Verse: A satire on modern manga and anime. Everyone and everything is exaggerated beyond almost any realism. Everyone has a special move and fighting is “the only way.”

Noobs: The crossover you see between Noobs and The Main Verse AKA Video Game Verse shows that the events in each one occur in the other. They are the most parallel of any two parts of the nine verses.  The crossover you see between Noobs and the Manga Verse is black because they aren’t parallel but the characters are more exaggerated than in other universes. The exaggeration comes from the perspective of Schwartz being a jugger and loving everyone he meets and plays against around the world. Noobs takes place during the weekend and on vacations.

Main Verse AKA Video Game Verse: Schwartz and Merc are try hard YouTube, podcaster and live streamers who are trying to get off the ground. When trying to record a video game play through by using a new device they found at a pawn shop they get sucked into a universe that seems to be compiled of several different video games. The main verse takes place during the week.

?: There is a lot of beams radiating off of that little circle. It’s there in case I have the pleasure of writing my characters into an already established franchise. It’s just there in case that ever happens. I’m not expecting it to, but I don’t want to have to redraw this thing.

DD(fantasy): It is a fantasy comic where the main characters are a party of dungeon crawlers trying to find fame and fortune. Everything has silly names like Yggrkraken(what they call the Nine Verses)

SC(heroes): Think main stream comics mixed with the absurdity of what I write.

DC(demons): Horror/comedy comic.