So I wanted to give a little update for those of you wondering out there about the status of my comics, videos, reviews and podcasts.


These are why this website started, and I don’t plan to stop drawing and making little strips here or there. I have 3 series that are also on hiatus because I don’t have my pen at the moment. That being said, I will likely continue them at a future date. I see want of more TH and Noobs so I will make those a priority and already had several pages written and drawn for TH.


I am actually working on a few right now, those will be released as they get finished since I don’t really have an established YouTube channel. I had projects that I was working on such as Drawn Book Reviews that will continue as I get new pen. If I can get a crew together I might be able to do some skit videos as well which is something I’ve really wanted to do.


Those just kind of happen with me so as far as random written reviews go, they will likely happen if I don’t have the resources to create a good video. But again, I would rather wait and create something that is easily accessible to the person watching or reading. I will likely have short reviews of moviesĀ  or games intermittently in the podcast I am relaunching. That brings me to the last point.


I had one years ago and it went okay. The problem is we didn’t keep up with it and it just sort of faded away. I kind of don’t want to let that happen again and I will likely be able to produce one every week, it just won’t be this week. There will most likely be a back log of them before I start releasing them so we can get everything established for consumption by our fans.

That’s all for now!

Thanks for Playing