So I haven’t posted in a while, and I promise more stuff is coming. I need to start doing this(blogging) more often to keep everyone updated. More comics and videos are coming, I have to recalculate some stuff and become more consistent personally and something that happened to me recently that is bad might actually help me do that. I was in a car accident that shook me a bit. I am going to a chiropractor and insurance is being dealt with. The answers to the most important questions are; yes, I am okay but still have some back and neck pain and it was not my fault. The problem I face now is that I can’t lift at the gym until I am cleared and I can not play any sports. This leaves all of my fitness up to low intensity steady state(walking and stationary biking) and more importantly and it can’t be stressed enough is diet.

Diet is a funny word that is interpreted differently depending on who you talk to. The way I see it is this; you watch a documentary about animals and they say, “the diet of the Australian reticulated marmoset consists mostly of elk and large game” regardless of the existence of said creature and its ability to take down large game the key word I want you to focus on is “diet”. Diet isn’t a way of eating to achieve a goal, it is what that being eats on a regular basis, its just how it is. Seeing it this way may help some to understand how to consistently eat a little healthier. So when I tell you my diet, you don’t see it as a plan but more of this is how “this animal” eats. This animal’s diet is moderate protein and fat, low carbohydrate. I also try my best to avoid eating too much of certain things such as soy and vegetable oils. I absolutely avoid added sugar(including high fructose corn syrup) and most conventional flours which includes pasta, breads and tortillas. I do drink diet sodas a couple times a week but it isn’t every day. I usually drink a lot of water and have cold brew coffee(black) and sometimes teas. I also do my best to eat within a window I make for myself and stick to that regimen. The verbiage for that is “intermittent fasting” I don’t really do 24 hour fasts but I have done it on accident from time to time. If that helps you stay on track then use that to describe what you are doing. I personally wait until after about 2 PM to eat because I have a habit of eating late. I cut myself off at midnight, and I don’t often get eat that late but that is as late as I will regularly allow myself to eat. I might alter it in the future, but as of right now it seems to work well for me. I try not to drink every night as they are empty calories and my body will try and burn that off first and could try to store the food I have eaten if I am still digesting it. I do have “desserts” from time to time but I keep a close eye on them and go as low carbohydrate as possible with them, there are ice creams out there that are between 10 and 15 carbs per serving which is pretty dang good. You can also look up recipes on YouTube and find some really good stuff. Last night I had a low carb protein bar as a dessert, it wasn’t fancy but I liked it.

This is the basic formula that I am using currently and it works for me. You can call my diet “keto” or “low carb” or anything you want. As long as you get and apply the basic principle, it’s pretty easy to do. I am done ranting about whats going on in my life for now and what I am focusing on, including this blog which is going to happen more regularly, probably? I don’t know for sure but what I do know is that what I am currently doing is working for me as far as trying to eat healthier and absolutely feel better mentally and physically. I know some of you are going to have some questions for me and that’s absolutely okay. I’ve been a part of many projects over the years and I think talking to people about what I am doing to get better will maybe put things in perspective for others. The motivation I think we want is called “intrinsic”.

thanks for reading