Something that I have only in recent years been able to train for myself is the strength of my willpower. It’s funny because basically during the day I have great willpower and that has come from learning how to fast and to teach myself that the classic 3 meal system we came up with while is a basic outline, still not necessary for everyone to follow. I found that following that system I was still allowing myself foods outside of those 3 times of the day where I would have my meals. There were brunch snacks, and after lunch snacks, desserts and even the coveted fourth meal, which to me was dubbed “drunchies” because it would usually be after I had already drank some alcohol and convinced friends of mine to go get some fast food(kind of like the munchies but when you’re drunk). The thing is now I have been able to even avoid the drunchie meal since learning that I don’t need to be eating 24/7.

The fasting tool is something now that I employ only when I feel like I need to skip the food I am craving. I call it a tool because fasting is something you can do to self regulate as long as you are doing it safely. I started training my willpower muscles a couple years ago and I didn’t even know I was doing it. I would buy food from a fast food joint then I would put it on my desk while I looked up something to watch on YouTube, and from there I would actually tell myself if I got home at 8:45 that I wouldn’t eat the food I just picked up until 9 or 9:30. It sounds weird but I ended up doing it for longer and longer each time. I’m not saying you should do this but I learned how to become a little more flexible with my diet by doing small steps in the right direction.

I frequently walk down the aisles of foods that I will likely never purchase again and have a restraint because I slowly weeded them out. I am sure I can expand on this topic in a future post or maybe a video.

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