This non program I run is called Body by Books. What I do is tell you how I used books to get in shape in all aspects of life. However I need to give credit where it’s due for everything, or I wouldn’t be giving you all the information I have, which sounds like a cheap thing to do. I got all of my nutritional information from books but I got reinforcement from multiple YouTube fitness channels. The first one that gained me exceptional results at the gym that also motivated me to continue to eat better is the YouTube channel Athlean-X.

Jeff Cavaliere is the main host of this program who is a pro athlete physical therapist and strength coach. Basically he knows how the skeleton works so you should listen to him. You get one body and therefore one skeleton. . . most likely. He goes over how to train in all sorts of ways and tackles muscles individually and in concert with each other depending on what you are looking for. He’s pretty savvy on diet and the consequences of a poor one, basically you eat garbage you feel like garbage, its pretty simple.

I’ve had a bad back for most of my life, and it has only gotten stronger through paying attention to the sciences in this channel. I listened to what he had to say and performed at the level I needed to until I built up more strength. I have serious gains on my arms since starting to watch these videos as well. Albeit weird when strangers comment about my meat hooks, I guess it is appreciated.

He also has a goofball protege named Jesse who comes in on the videos and is living proof of the philosophy of Athlean-X. So to make a long story short, if you are looking to get a little more fit and you want entertainment value and hard science then this is the channel for you. I believe he also has a program you can sign up for that isn’t free, but I’m sure its worth it based on all of the easily accessible information Jeff’s channel provides.

How did I do in giving you all of this information? Have you used Athlean-X videos for your own personal gains? What are your thoughts on Athlean-X? Could Jeff Cavaliere win a fistfight against a velociraptor? Feel free to answer these questions below.

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